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Seven Things to Look For In a Chiropractor

Looking for a chiropractor is the same as hunting for any other medical practitioner. You must keep in mind a few pointers to make a rational decision. If you pick the wrong chiropractor, you will end up wasting your time and money. Furthermore, you might hurt yourself physically. Yes, you heard me right! If you want to sidestep the misfortunes that come with choosing the wrong chiropractor, you should go for one that will cater to your specific needs. Presented here are some hints that will help you to pick an excellent chiropractor in your area.


health toolsLook for Options

Most people select the first chiropractor that they come across and forget to look at all the options at their disposal keenly. Don’t just hire a chiropractor that is based near your area. If you do so, you will not be sure if you are getting the most out of the money that you spend. Additionally, you won’t be sure whether you are receiving high-end services or not. Check all the options that you have keenly to make an informed decision.


Read Reviews

Those who need chiropractors look around and forget to go through customer reviews. Its worth noting that what past and present clients say about the chiropractor because it will shed light on the kind of service that you should expect. Stay away from chiropractors with lots of negative client reviews because the odds are that they provide poor service. Don’t trust your spine health with such people.


Ask for Support

You can request recommendations from your friends or family about professional chiropractors in your area. The suggestions that you will get will prove to be helpful. In fact, you will realize that some of your friends or relatives have visited the best chiropractors in town. Getting advice from someone you trust will guide you to make a reasonable decision.


Bedside Manners

Excellent bedside manner is another critical characteristic that a good chiropractor must possess. This means that the professional must make their patients comfortable by talking to them in a pleasant and endearing voice. It’s important that patients feel comfortable and relaxed with the chiropractor so that they get the confidence to reveal all the problems that thy experience in detail.


chiropractorExceptional Listening Skills

An exceptional chiropractor must be an excellent listener. This means that they have to pay close attention to their patients without interruption to get everything they are saying. A sudden interruption when one is speaking is considered rude and should be avoided at all costs.


Unmatched Experience

Experience is said to be the secret to perfection. You can not learn all about chiropractic through observation. You should have high-end training in different areas because the conditions and complications in this field keep changing. A person who has been doing the job for the longest time is the best.



Chiropractors should have lots of information about the spine, nervous system, exercise, movement as well as nutrition. Learned …

molluscum contagiosum

How to get rid of molluscum contagiosum


Molluscum Contagiosum is a skin disease caused by a pox virus and is common in children, but it is also in adults. The disease is contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another through contact, sharing of bathwater, or swimming in the same swimming pool. The disease can be treated using various ways. Below is how to get rid of molluscum contagiosum.

The bumps that appear on the skin need no treating since they disappear within 6 to 12 months. However, for faster results, you can treat the disease using various methods. The disease can be handled through freezing, scraping, application of creams and various other ways. However, you can get rid of the nasty skin disease by yourself.


molluscum contagiosumFirst ensure you have alcohol, betadine, Q-tips, tweezers, needle, torch, magnifying glass, latex gloves, tissue, and Thuya oil for the removal procedure. For boosting your immune system, ensure you have Vitamin C, multivitamins, Thuya tablets, and healthy food.


Take a shower to ensure that the goo inside the bumps is noticeable. Sterilize the Q-tips, needle and the tweezers using the alcohol. You will then use the torch for lighting and magnifying glass to spot the tiny bumps. Wear the gloves and disinfect the skin by rubbing on the bumps using the alcohol soaked Q-tip. You will then notice a whiteness at the middle of the bumps which you will prick using the disinfected needle. Then use the tweezers to remove the white goo which you will put on a tissue and throw away.

If you fail to remove the white goo, then you can squeeze the edges of the bump to remove the goo which can come out with some blood. Ensure you clean and sterilize the tweezers and the needle after removing each bump to avoid spreading the disease. Soak a Q-tip in betadine and rub the worked on bump so as to sterilize the wound and kill the virus. This procedure applies to all small bumps with a white center. But if some bumps lack the white center then you can prick the bump using a needle till blood oozes out.

molluscum contagiosum on faceThis will expose the virus to your blood which will release antibodies to attack the virus. Then apply betadine. In the case you see the white goo on the same bumps, later on, repeat the procedure. Use Thuya oil on the bumps twice a day to attack any remaining virus. If some bumps lack the white goo and they are too small to prick, then you can rub them using Thuya oil to fight the virus off. Once you are done with the process, put a folded toilet paper on the affected area to avoid staining your clothes. Remove once the area is dry.

Post Recovery

It is advisable to apply lotion on the treated area two times a day to avoid eczema and dryness. Also, keep swallowing the Thuya tablets even after recovery to boost your immune system so it can destroy …