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Learn These Facts Before You Get Lip Fillers

There two cosmetic procedures to achieve a fuller look on the lips: Botox and filler injection. People commonly mistake the twos as the same, while in fact, they have different side effects and results. Botox alters the muscles on the target area, so wrinkles will not be visible, but fillers increase the volume. And this is the reason why aestheticians use Botox mostly to treat wrinkles.

Lip filling itself has been developed by using a much safer substance than before. Collagen used to be the only filling material for lips augmentation. But it has two major problems:

  • Collagen is derived from cow’s collagen, so anyone who is allergic to beef will get allergic reactions.
  • Collagen cannot dissolve easily, and once there is a mistake in the procedure, there is no turning back.

As a result, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) was invented to be the alternative of Collagen. It has nearly zero cases of triggering an allergy. And it can be easily modified post-procedure if the result is disappointing. HA can dissolve with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Types of HA

Injection on mouthThere are seven types of HA: Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero Balance, Hylaform, Elevess, Prevelle Silk, Captique. Each of them is different regarding how long they last. Restylane lasts for approximately six months to one year, while Juvederm can reach two years. But a lasting longer filler is not forever a good idea because our idea of beauty may change. Just in three months, we might be curious to try experimenting with our lips pouting. Angelina Jolie’s lips might be outdated these days, but you have already got them. And to anticipate such a case, you can opt for fillers that last only in months.

Lip filling will still hurt

Although lip filling procedure is not as invasive as medical surgery, you must expect little pain during and after the procedure. Discomforts of swelling and immobile lips might occur for two to three days after the injection. Eating and talking will be difficult, so it is better to schedule your appointment during a holiday season only.

Getting the right practitioner is vital

Enlargement of lipUncertified aestheticians might practice lip filling because this cosmetic procedure is like tattoo parlors, whom the government barely regulates. Therefore, it is your job to check the credential of the clinic before you decide to get the treatment from them. And to make things easier, it would be safer to go to clinics that have a site. You can monitor the quality of the business service from the site. Try to contact them by phone to see how caring they are to their customers. And then check the testimonies and reviews of their clients. If the clinic has a site, it is very likely for you to find one or two reviews.

You need to allocate time for the after-care

woman with Sexy LipsLip augmentation will leave you with swollen lips for days. And during those days, you might be required to keep your lips hygiene and apply some creams to soothe the swelling. Allocate …