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The Massage Chair: Key Features To Look Out For

You cannot attach a price tag to good health and relaxation. Whether you need a massage chair for home or commercial use, you have to choose one that gets the job done efficiently. Massages are an excellent way to relax, recover from workouts, and relieve the body of pain. Massage chair buyers know that it is not enough to only get a masseuse and a serene environment. You need to have a functional equipment, and the primary one is the chair.

Luckily, technology has availed high-end massage chairs that are not only comfortable but leave you looking forward to your next spa day.

Things to look out for in a massage chair:

Heat therapy

This is a feature of the massage chair where the chair warms up during the massage. It is a feature that you can turn on or off depending on your preference. Heat therapy comes in handy because it enhances the massage experience.


The massage chairs come in different kinds and finishes. If cmassage chairare so much about the d├ęcor of your house, then you do not have to worry as these chairs come in various colors starting from white, black to caramel. These are sufficient enough to complement any color of the interior.

Zero gravity

Sounds like a fancy term. Right? Well, it goes without saying that all modern massage chairs must have this feature. Traditionally, people used to rest on the flat massage table to get the feeling of relaxation. With the massage chair, the equipment adjusts your body position so that you can attain maximum relaxation. It distributes your weight equally, and you benefit from improved blood circulation, expands the lung capacity, and lowers your heart rate.

The footrest

This is a deal breaker for many people. Going to a spa, the massage target areas apart from the muscles are often your feet and legs. You always want them to get a white massage chairreal pampering. A good massage chair not only needs to have airbags but also rollers for your feet, legs and the sole.

The lighting

How do you want to light the room? We all know how good lighting goes a long way to making the massage experience heavenly. Be sure to check the colors that the chair illuminates. Often, these lights go off in cues of green, red, blue, and indigo.…

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The Benefit of Having a Massage Chair

The massage chair could have begun just as lounge chairs that had built-in vibrators. However, today they have ended up being a lot more than that.

woman sitting on Massage Chair These chairs have become remarkable restorative gadgets. Anybody that has these chairs understands that the physical and psychological advantages are rather real.

The more contemporary chair has a variety of massage movements. If you plan on buying one of these chairs, you must try to get one that has three different kinds of massage strategies. The first is called Shiatsu. This approach kneads your back muscles from one side to the other horizontally throughout your spine. Shiatsu is more complex than this; however this is the basic concept. The second kind of massage movement is like a gentle tapping that fluctuates your back like a shower massage or little chops. The third movement is an up and down roller motion on both sides of your spine. This motion relaxes and extends the back muscles and the spine. Most of these activities are incorporated into automatic programs. A few of these robotic chairs have automatic programs that vary the intensity while others change the kind of massage that is offered, so it is essential that you understand the difference between the two programs.

Some of the best chairs offer both leg and foot massage. These come highly recommended as they do an exceptional task. Some chairs also have man on Massage Chairarm massage capabilities; however these have not been found to be as effective as the foot, leg and back massage. You want to make sure you get a reclining chair so that you get the maximum gain from the massage. It would be good if you got a chair that reclined at a full 180 degrees.

You can probably buy a chair to give you a massage for roughly $300. However, you can anticipate this type of chair to be restricted in its healing advantages. At this cost, you will not be able to get a shiatsu massage chair. You can anticipate the chair to provide a vibration massage, and it could have an antigravity position. That simply indicates that your feet will be elevated a little above your heart. You will find that the circulation is improved in this position, and it is extremely enjoyable. One of these chairs can assist reduce tiredness and alleviate tension.…